Welcome to the Science of Sweet Salts!

Our research interests

  • development and fundamental understanding of new carbohydrate based ionic liquids (CHILs)
  • optimization of highly cost- and yield-efficient CHIL syntheses
  • usage of CHILs as green alternatives to common ionic liquids
  • application of CHILs in asymmetric synthesis, bio- and organocatalysis, polymer chemistry and more

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12/2022: Mirai, who was previously at Tottori University, Japan, has joined our group in Rostock as PhD. Welcome!

11/2022: Sina, Paul and Stefan presented the latest results on Glucosylimidazolium salts at the RoHan Winterschool 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

10/2022: We welcome Hannes, Henrik and Henriette as our three new students.

08/2022: Paul's first paper about CHILs and Novozym 435! Will also get a front cover!

05/2022: We visited the ISGC2022 in La Rochelle with 2 posters and an oral presentation.

03/2022: Sinas beautiful crystal structure was published in IUCrData.

12/2021: We contributed to the new journal "Compounds" with a paper about Johannes' Master thesis.

11/2021: Sina and Paul have joined our group as PhDs!

08/2021: Johannes successfully defended his Master thesis. Congratulations!

08/2021: Mirai has won the poster presentation award at the Japanese Society for Chitin and Chitosan!

07/2021: Our research group moved into the Department Life, Light & Matter of the University of Rostock.

01/2021: The paper of Mirai and Tanja has been published in Journal of Molecular Liquids.

11/2020: AJOC has published the collaboration between our group and the group of Prof. Nokami and selected it for a frontcover!

10/2020: Johannes has started in our group. Welcome!

09/2020: Tanja has finished her "Methodenpraktikum".

09/2020: Stefan has returned from Japan.

04/2020: New paper about the biocompability of CHILs!

02/2020: Stefan started his JSPS scholarship at the Tottori University, Japan.


Dr. Stefan Jopp

University of Rostock
Department LL&M
Carbohydrate Chemistry Group
Albert-Einstein-Str. 25
18059 Rostock

Office: 213
Lab: 122
Phone: +49-(0)381-498-8983
E-Mail: stefan.joppuni-rostockde