Welcome to the Science of Sweet Salts!

Our research interests

  • development and fundamental understanding of new carbohydrate based ionic liquids (CHILs)
  • optimization of highly cost- and yield-efficient CHIL syntheses
  • usage of CHILs as green alternatives to common ionic liquids
  • application of CHILs in asymmetric synthesis, bio- and organocatalysis, polymer chemistry and more

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08/2023: The biocompatibility as well the the antimicriobial properties of our glucosyl imidazolium salts were tested in cooperation with Johanna Meyer (University of Hannover) and the results have been published in RSC Sustainability.

03/2023: The continuation of our glucosamine project, performed by Mirai in Prof. Nokamis group in Tottori, has been published in AJOC.

12/2022: Mirai, who was previously at Tottori University, Japan, has joined our group in Rostock as PhD. Welcome!

11/2022: Sina, Paul and Stefan presented the latest results on Glucosylimidazolium salts at the RoHan Winterschool 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

10/2022: We welcome Hannes, Henrik and Henriette as our three new students.

08/2022: Paul's first paper about CHILs and Novozym 435! Will also get a front cover!

05/2022: We visited the ISGC2022 in La Rochelle with 2 posters and an oral presentation.

03/2022: Sinas beautiful crystal structure was published in IUCrData.

12/2021: We contributed to the new journal "Compounds" with a paper about Johannes' Master thesis.

11/2021: Sina and Paul have joined our group as PhDs!

08/2021: Johannes successfully defended his Master thesis. Congratulations!

08/2021: Mirai has won the poster presentation award at the Japanese Society for Chitin and Chitosan!

07/2021: Our research group moved into the Department Life, Light & Matter of the University of Rostock.

01/2021: The paper of Mirai and Tanja has been published in Journal of Molecular Liquids.

11/2020: AJOC has published the collaboration between our group and the group of Prof. Nokami and selected it for a frontcover!

10/2020: Johannes has started in our group. Welcome!

09/2020: Tanja has finished her "Methodenpraktikum".

09/2020: Stefan has returned from Japan.

04/2020: New paper about the biocompability of CHILs!

02/2020: Stefan started his JSPS scholarship at the Tottori University, Japan.


Dr. Stefan Jopp

University of Rostock
Department LL&M
Carbohydrate Chemistry Group
Albert-Einstein-Str. 25
18059 Rostock

Office: 213
Lab: 122
Phone: +49-(0)381-498-8983
E-Mail: stefan.joppuni-rostockde

Latest research paper

S. Jopp*, T. Fleischhammer, A. Lavrentieva, S. Kara, J. Meyer*, RSC Sustain.2023. Synthesis, biocompatibility, and antimicrobial properties of glucose-based ionic liquids (Open Access)